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Give your Tesla Model 3 a fresh look by changing the color of your Tesla Model 3 wheels! These hub caps snap firmly onto the face of the wheel and instantly transform the look and feel of your Tesla Model 3.

  • Enhances & Protects

  • Snaps Into Place

  • Sleek and Classy Finish

  • Fits Standard Center Cap

  • Hides Curb Crashes

Available individually or in sets of 4, offered in Gloss Black, Matte Black and Gunmetal Gray options.

Choose from 18-inch or 19-inch sizes.

Effortlessly maintain and protect your

electric vehicle’s wheels with Mayde!

change the look of your

Tesla Model 3

in seconds!

Mayde 18-Inch

Hub Caps

Tesla Model 3,

Gloss Black

Mayde 18-Inch

Hub Caps

Tesla Model 3,


Mayde 18-Inch

Hub Caps

Tesla Model 3,

Matte Black

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