Yamaroku, Striving for Authenticity

Yamaroku is a family
owned and operated
business that has been
around since the Showa era
(1926-1989) in Japan. Using
high quality natural
ingredients, we make our
soy sauce in kioke
(3000-6000 liter cedar
barrels) producing a line of
fine authentic soy sauces
that is crafted with time
and effort.

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Yamaroku - Perpetuating the tradition of
authentic barrel-aged soy sauce for future

Producing authentic Japanese soy sauce made in wooden barrels that is crafted
with time and effort, while honoring "deliciousness and happiness."

Authentic barrel-aged soy sauce
soy sauce made in "Kioke"
High Umami numbers
developed during the aging process
Low Sodium Levels with rich umami
the richer the umami, the lower the
sodium level
Consistent flavor
Prioritizing taste above pure numbers

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Yamaroku's soy suaces are brewed with full-bodied taste & aroma

All Yamaroku soy sauce is made in wooden barrels called “Kioke” – the key to
delicious soy sauce. Microbes that live in the Kioke ferment the soybeans naturally,
giving the soy sauce a sweeter aftertaste.


Fortified and double-aged: The signature
sauce, Tsuru-bishio, is our ultimate pursuit
of depth, richness, and smoothness.

“A little fancy” Ponzu

A blend of fresh aroma and umami:
naturally fermented soy sauce with fresh
yuzu and sudachi citrus juice.

Perfect for hotpot, shabu-shabu, grilled
meats, salad, marinated dishes, and


Made from Rausu (Hokkaido) kelp and
Makurazaki (Kagoshima) bonito flakes,
blended with Tanegashima Island sugar
and our barrel-aged soy sauce, to create a
sweet and very fragrant dashi soy sauce.

Perfect for udon, soba, or somen
noodle soup base.