Breather Voice, Health and Wellness Device (Red)

Breather Voice, Health and Wellness Device (Red)

the Breather

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Product description

Breather Voice is a health and wellness apparatus that helps improve vocal performance, strength, and range. Meant to produce vocal stability through consistent use, it’s an ideal tool for professional and novice vocalists, speakers, and actors. Plus, its compact and portable design makes it easy to carry around for convenient personal use no matter the time and place. Available per pack of 1 in Red.

  1. Improves vocal strength and range
  2. Designed for professional and novice vocalists
  3. Portable and easy to use
  4. Non-battery operated
  5. Comes with a mobile app for monitoring or tracking progress
  6. Includes access to the Breather University for more information about the product, how-to videos, FAQs, etc.